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Caffeine Conscious Coffee

The Balance to Your Buzz

Shockingly Great Decaf

Inspired Low Caf

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Clean Beans

Beans for Be-ings

Caffeine Conscious Lifestyle: You Unwired

Savorista Emerged from Two Journeys

A global quest for great tasting decaf. We traveled to 2 continents and 6 countries to talk to dozens of people and taste hundreds of coffees (and we got engaged along the way!)

My personal journey from stress, worsened by the caffeine roller coaster, toward mindfulness and reconnecting with myself

I drank this with my mom and we’re both a little obsessed with it. She also didn’t believe me that it was decaf, at first!


I gave up caffeine for health reasons, so I’ve been drinking a lot of tea, but I miss the taste of coffee and the decafs I’ve tried just don’t cut it. Yours is definitely the best decaf I’ve tried.


This was the most delicious coffee in the entire world, I can’t believe it’s decaf! So delicious!


While pregnant, I really missed savoring a cup of coffee on the weekend. Neither of us drinks decaf so weren't sure what to expect but it was fantastic!


I brought Savorista to the office and most people said they didn’t realize it was decaf! They thought the flavor was unexpectedly rich, with hints of caramel or chocolate. When I told them it was decaf they were surprised!


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