Our story

Hi, I'm Kait, a long-time coffee lover. I love the taste, the smell, the warmth and the ritual of sharing coffee with friends and family.


Enjoying decaf coffee

A couple years ago, due to work stress and my father's battle with cancer, I couldn't sleep. Night after night I'd lay awake jittery and anxious. Eventually I realized I needed to give up my beloved coffee, which was amplifying my stress. 

But I couldn't stay away from coffee for long, I really missed it. As I started searching for a good decaf, my suspicions were confirmed that most decaf coffee was terrible and needed to be drowned in milk to mask the taste. It was really challenging to find a good cup of decaf coffee. 

As I spoke with more decaf drinkers, I realized I wasn't alone. People give up or reduce caffeine for a variety of reasons, but we all still want good coffee. And so many coffee lovers said they would happily drink less caffeine, if only they could find a decaf worth the switch. 

I realized this was a real problem and that I wanted to do something about it. Caffeine conscious coffee lovers deserve better!

I became obsessed with figuring out to craft amazing decaf and low caf coffee. I spent months traveling with my husband Daniel to Colombia, Kenya, Rwanda and Ethiopia in a quest to create and share great decaf. We traveled to some of the best coffee farms in the world and visited a decaffeination plant that uses a natural byproduct of sugar cane to remove the caffeine.

Coffee Producers in Rwanda

This trip reminded me of my years in the Peace Corps in Burkina Faso, West Africa where I worked closely with farmers to develop a cooperative to sell higher quality sesame to exporters. In fact, this experience is what prompted me to go to business school, to learn more about how I could use business to make a piece of the world better. Riding on the back of a motorcycle through dirt roads in Rwanda to meet up with a coffee producer, I felt like I had come full circle.

And in Colombia, I fell in love with a coffee. It was rich and fruity and all around delicious. I was shocked when I learned it was decaf! This became the first coffee in our store and I’m so excited to share this treasure with other caffeine conscious coffee lovers.

Smelling raw coffee in Colombia


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Thank you for joining us on this journey!


Kait Brown

Founder, CEO and (most importantly) Chief Coffee Lover