San Agustin Decaf - Medium Roast

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This Colombian single-origin decaf delivers notes of chocolate, caramel, and juicy citrus! This was our very first coffee, one that we taste-tested and were shocked to learn was actually a decaf. Bright notes of citrus pair perfectly with rich chocolate and caramel to create a rich coffee with a medium body that is truly worth savoring, without the caffeine!

Perfect For

Adventure-seekers, out-of-the-box thinkers, lovers of joyful surprises, and those times you need a warm cup of coffee to brighten your day

Why We Love It

This was the coffee that set our standard for shockingly great decaf. Savorista founder Kait Brown taste-tested this beauty in Colombia and was genuinely surprised to learn that the full-flavored, robust brew she was sipping was actually a decaf! We visited the decaffeination facility in Colombia and loved how it is decaffeinated at origin!

About The Grower

Grown by 64 small-scale producers in San Agustin, Huila, Colombia, this coffee was fully washed and sun-dried. Talk about natural!

What Our Customers Think

"It is a very flavorful coffee, and for the first time in years, I am drinking my coffee without cream, because I enjoy the flavor!"

Tell Me More!

Roast: Medium Roast
Tasting Notes: Chocolate | Caramel | Citrus | Fruits
Origin: San Agustin, Hulia, Colombia
Decaf Process: Sugarcane EA
Caturra, Typica
 Altitude: 5200 to 6200 ft. 

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Customer Reviews

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Love the Eclipse Dark Roast!
My morning delight
Excellent coffee
So glad to hear it, Charles! Happy brewing!
Tastes more like a weak, coffee flavored tea :(
Hi Alicia, Kait, the Founder here. I am so sorry that you didn't love the way your coffee turned out, especially on Mother's Day. I had returned your call to help troubleshoot the brewing process. If you'd still like to troubleshoot together, please call us back or email us at with more information about how you brewed it so we can suggest tweaks.
Hi Rebecca, Kait the Founder here. I'm sorry you didn't enjoy this coffee. If the body was thin, I'd suggest grinding a bit finer or increasing the amount of coffee grounds you use or using a bit less water. Glad you loved our other coffees though!