Yesso! Espresso - Swiss Water Decaf - 5 oz

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Our Yesso! Espresso blend has been carefully crafted and decaffeinated through the Swiss Water Process to deliver a delicious mix of dark chocolate, strawberries and dried cherries that you only need a few sips to savor. It shines all on its own, but we love how it tastes with a splash of milk!

Perfect for

Wrapping up a dinner party, dessert lovers, quick lunch breaks and when you’re feeling a little extra fancy

Why We Love It

Never say no to espresso again. Say “Yesso!” to our Swiss Water decaffeinated espresso that packs all of the bold, in-your-face flavor of a traditional shot, without any of the caffeine. Savor these smooth notes of dark chocolate, and berries with your favorite dessert, or drink it in the morning for a sweet start to your day! Because life is worth celebrating and when it’s an exceptional decaf espresso without the jitters, what’s not to love?

About The Grower

When two of the biggest coffee loving producers, Ethiopia and Colombia, join forces, you know that some bean magic is bound to happen. With producers growing coffee at high elevations in rich soils, their beans develop the most beautiful flavor notes that are savored in country and loved abroad. Ethiopian coffee ceremonies go back centuries and drinking a “tinto”, or black coffee, with friends is a sweet part of life in Colombia. Together, in Yesso! Espresso, these two countries unstoppable.

Tell Me More!

Roast: Medium Dark Roast
Tasting Notes: Dark chocolate | Strawberries | Dried cherries
Origin: South America and Africa
Decaf Process: Swiss Water
Varietal: Castillo and Heirloom
Altitude: 5500 - 7000 ft

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