Coffee Break Care Package

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What's better than an afternoon coffee break? A break with a sweet snack! We have partnered with other small businesses to bring you tasty and healthy treats to enjoy with your Savorista. 

Care package includes: 

  • 10 oz decaf or low caf coffee
  • 3 or 6 different snacks 

Snacks in the box are from premium, health-conscious small businesses like Sun & Swell, My Mindful Market, and Beeyond Bar.

Enjoy your caffeine conscious coffee with a healthy treat on the side. 


Coffee is even better when shared! Who in your life may appreciate this?

  • You! (obviously)
  • Mom (Mother’s Day is almost here)
  • Work from Home friends and colleagues

Customer Reviews

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Not my favorite
Hi Adela, Kait, the founder here. I'm sorry to hear that you didn't like the lighter roast coffee. We will keep in mind that you prefer dark roasts in the future. For the half caf options, the Barely Buzzed will be the best for you then.