Limited Edition - Kenyan Sunset Decaf

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Sweet and bright, with notes of maple, cardamom, tangerine and grape

This unique, limited edition Kenyan single-origin decaf is fruity, bright and sweet, with beautiful notes of grapes, cardamom, maple and tangerine. It was grown at very high altitudes in rich, volcanic soil. The caffeine has been removed by our friends at Swiss Water. 

Perfect For

Safari-lovers, dessert pairings, and creating a bright spot in your day

Why We Love It

Kenya is a beautiful country with fantastic coffees, which are almost never decaffeinated. On the Kenyan part of our coffee journey, we loved tasting fruity and winey coffees. This coffee showcases the beautiful flavor notes of classic Kenyan coffees, without the caffeine. We loved the Kenyan countryside and were surprised to find out that in July at the equator it was cold most of the day in the Kenyan mountains because the elevation is so high.

About The Growers

Grown by small-scale farmers in the Mt Kenya Region who are a part of the Farmers Cooperative Societies

Tell Me More!

Size: 10 oz
Light Medium Roast
Tasting Notes: Maple | Tangerine | Cardamom | Grape
Origin: Mt Kenya Region (Nyeri and Kirinyaga), Kenya
Decaf Process: Swiss Water
Varietal: SL28, SL34, Ruiru 11, Batian
Altitude: 5600 - 7600 ft.

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Customer Reviews

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Limited Edition - Kenyan Sunset Decaf

Amazing taste

I love coffee and its rituals. Whenever I visit a town/city/country, I look up independent coffee shops. I love pour overs and drink my coffee black so taste really does matter to me. I thought I had to let go of my morning cup of joe because of a health condition. I didn’t think that I could find a decaf bean that I would like. I was wrong! I am so happy to have found Savorista! I tried the Kenyan sunset and I was blown away by its taste and aroma. I had delivery issues with my first bag and Kait was so kind and helped me get my beans before Christmas. I cannot wait to try other beans from them.


Wonderful flavor!

Best Decaf/Lowcaf ever!

This is HANDS DOWN the best decaf, lowcaf, and half-caf I’ve ever had. Savorista has somehow discovered the highly sought after, quality cup of caffeine conscious coffee, minus the nasty traditional chemical process. I’m so thrilled to have found a company that has found a way to organically remove much of the caffeine without composing the flavor and integrity of the beans.

Admittedly, I’m a bit of a coffee snob, and this is a product I will 100% vouch for. This is for anyone that loves the experience of coffee without having to risk a jacked-up heart rate that interferes with your sleep and anxiety.

Thank you, Savorista!

So good

As always, this Savorista coffee delivers. It’s delicious and complex. I’ve reordered this several times, and I will definitely buy this again :)