Many Months of Decaf!

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Sleep well, your shockingly great decaf will arrive for months
Choose between 3, 6, 9 and 12 months 

You will receive a decaf we are excited about that month!
It could be a 10 oz bag of our original favorite, San Agustin, or something new we are roasting. You will receive some different decafs throughout your months of decaf, but not quite a new decaf each month.

Incredible discounts make this too good to pass up!
3 months: $1.36 per cup (12 oz brewed)
6 months: $1.29 per cup
9 months: $1.26 per cup
12 months: $1.19 per cup

Makes a fabulous gift for a caffeine conscious coffee lover!


"My wife's brother didn't even believe us when we said it was decaf!"