Yesso! Espresso - Swiss Water Decaf

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Our Yesso! Espresso blend has been carefully crafted and decaffeinated through the Swiss Water and sugarcane EA processes to deliver a delicious mix of dark chocolate, strawberries and dried cherries. It shines all on its own, and we also love how it tastes with a splash of milk!

Perfect for

Wrapping up a dinner party, dessert lovers, quick lunch breaks and when you’re feeling a little extra fancy

Why We Love It

Never say no to espresso again. Say “Yesso!” to our Swiss Water decaffeinated espresso that packs all of the bold, in-your-face flavor of a traditional shot, without any of the caffeine. Savor these smooth notes of dark chocolate, and berries with your favorite dessert, or drink it in the morning for a sweet start to your day! Because life is worth celebrating and when it’s an exceptional decaf espresso without the jitters, what’s not to love?

Tell Me More!

Roast: Medium Dark Roast
Tasting Notes: Dark chocolate | Strawberries | Dried cherries
Origin: South America
Decaf Process: Swiss Water and Sugarcane EA
Varietal: Castillo and Heirloom
Altitude: 5500 - 7000 ft

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Customer Reviews

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Looking for dark roast

I can tell you send each beans but I am looking for a dark roast without all the hints of fruit. I like French roast when it is available

Delicious Coffee!

This is by far the best decaf coffee I’ve ever tasted! Normally decaf has a burnt or chemical taste to it, but this was indistinguishable from regular coffee. Plus it’s nice to support a UofM alumni and small business!

Hi Lindsay! We are proud of our processes that don't strip the coffee beans of their flavor and that you can't tell a difference between decaf and decaffeinated coffee- that's how it should be! Thank you so much for the review!
Love the coffee

The nest decaf I have ever drank


Best I’ve ever tasted!

water processed espresso.

Impossible for me to find either water processed or good decaf espresso even though I live in a sophisticated area.
This company has found the best tasting coffee
freshest coffee I’ve ever experienced.

So glad you love it Ann!