5 Reasons our New Ethiopian Decaf Coffee Brings us Joy!

Ethiopian Mountains

Some of you have asked to learn more about Ethiopian Love Story, our second shockingly great decaf coffee and the 222 coffee that we tasted. Why are we so pumped about this Ethiopian decaf coffee?

Of course because it tastes amazing, we think you’ll be surprised that it is decaf!  And here are five more reasons:

1. It’s a Swiss Water

When we started this journey, we wanted to craft a variety of incredible decaf coffees, that’s right amazing coffee with no caffeine! We only share coffees that were decaffeinated with natural  ingredients and are thrilled to add our first decaf coffee by Swiss Water. The Swiss Water Process uses only water, time and temperature to remove the caffeine - no chemicals, additives or extra ingredients allowed! We are excited to offer this excellent decaf coffee that Swiss Water sourced and decaffeinated as part of their small batch series!

2. It was grown on a single farm

Gelgelu Edemi is a 70-year-old coffee farmer who has been growing coffee on his family farm in the Yirgacheffe region of southern Ethiopia since he was 12. In his lifetime, Ethiopia has seen some great times and some challenging times. Through it all, he has continued to grow coffee to raise his 11 children (11?! Yup!) and send them to university. Two of his sons work with him on the coffee farm today. Savorista is honored to use beans from hard-working, family-owned farms like Gelgelu’s. 

Swiss Water is excited about this coffee, too!  “I’m excited that this coffee is from a single farmer and that we have this degree of traceability,” said Mike Strumpf, Swiss Water’s Director of Coffee. “This farmer is part of a cooperative that was very quality focused and I think that comes through in the coffee.”

3. It was grown and decaffeinated organically

The farmer grew this coffee organically, without pesticides or chemicals. And it remains organic certified after the Swiss Water Process, which only uses water.

4. It’s rare to find a decaf “natural” coffee

What actually is a “natural processed” coffee? In a nutshell, when you pick ripe coffee cherries and dry them with the pulp on, it’s called a “natural” process. Our San Agustin is a “washed process” which means the ripe cherry is washed off and then it is dried.

Currently “naturals” are making their way to the top of my favorite list, due to the beautiful berry flavors this process generally creates. But naturals almost never exist in decaf beans! Given that I rarely drink caffeinated coffee now, I’m so excited to have a decaf natural to enjoy all of the time!

5. We got engaged in Ethiopia (and we served this coffee at our wedding!)

Ok, ok, this is a bit more personal. Ethiopia is a really special place for my husband and me because we got engaged there while exploring coffee. To bring things full circle, we were super stoked to serve this decaf coffee at our wedding! It was quite a hit!


Bottom line: we are beyond excited to welcome Ethiopian Love Story into our family of craft decafs. This coffee is so special to us, and we know our customers will fall in love with it just like we have!

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