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Shockingly great decaf

We've been searching the world on a global quest to create and share decaf worth savoring 

The beginnings of our decaf quest

what makes our decaf shockingly great

Only the highest quality beans

We only use fresh, high quality arabica beans from high altitudes and great soil. Coffee is carefully handpicked at the perfect ripeness.

Natural ingredient decaffeination

The caffeine is removed with natural ingredients like water or a byproduct of Colombian sugar cane.

Lovingly roasted in small batches

No jumbo roasters for us, our coffee is meticulously roasted in small batches to bring out the natural, beautiful complex flavors in the beans.

Our Decaf Quest

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Our happy customers

I love this, and tried my first cup - it was FANTASTIC!!


It’s delicious! “Shockingly great decaf” captured my first-sip reaction perfectly. I’m not usually a decaf guy, but this was ... shockingly great!


It is a very flavorful coffee, and for the first time in years, I am drinking my coffee without cream, because I enjoy the flavor!